Licensing Packages

Standard pipe inspection software packages from ITpipes makes setting up your inspection process easy!  Whether you’re using ITpipes in the field for CCTV inspection, data collection with a tablet for structural inspections, or in the office for analytics or planning, ITpipes can build a package specific to your needs.

CCTV Camera-Mobile Inspection System:

ITpipes is regularly integrated with CCTV camera systems and used in vehicle “studios” for data collection.  Whether on a laptop or full-sized pc, ITpipes has a software package designed for this type of mobile inspection process.  This ITpipes inspection package includes:

  • ITpipes Core license
  • Video capture module
  • Overlay module
  • On-site training

Common options:  GIS sendIT and PACP modules

Pole Camera, Structural Inspection-Portable system:

When performing any type of structural inspection, portability is essential.  ITpipes can be used in a vehicle or is fully functional on a laptop system for data and video collection.  This ITpipes inspection package includes:

  • Core license / Manhole core license
  • Video capture module
  • On-site training

Common options: Overlay module

QA/QC, Inspection Organization-Office System:

A simple, but powerful Office System will help administrators organize and perform QA/QC of pipeline inspection data.  Great for creating deliverables, reviewing crew inspections performed and more, this ITpipes package includes:

  • Core license
  • On-site training

Common options:  Analysis and GIS sendIT modules

Analytics, Reporting, Visual Mapping-Engineering System

Used for a P.E. to perform editing, project organization and management, reporting and analysis. This ITpipes inspection engineering package includes:

  • Core license
  • Analysis module
  • Engineers training package

Common options:  GIS viewIT, GIS sendIT and PACP modules

All packages require training the first time a client purchases the ITpipes sewer inspection software. I.T. & Authorized Dealers can provide turn-key solutions, including hardware, software, on-site consultation, integration to other systems and more. Any package can be tailored to fit your needs by reviewing ITpipes and choosing what you need for your inspection services or management!

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