I.T. offers integration with AMS, CMMS, work order, ERP and other solutions.  We know that advanced, process-driven integration options are imperative for your success.  ITpipes is designed not only to be effective asset management inspection software, but also to work with and complement full asset management solutions.

Integrating ITpipes with your AMS/CMMS system enhances your workflow and business processes! As every client uses their AMS/CMMS apps differently, I.T. reviews your processes, then recommends the best integration options. Here are a few of the benefits that clients have realized:

ITpipes is your asset management inspection software that bridges the gap between your AMS/CMMS and pipeline inspections:

  • Scheduling and creation of work orders can be done in the office and field systems with ITpipes automatically displaying work to be performed.
  • Field personnel can easily track status of inspections to be performed, inspections completed, review problem inspections, edit information, and more.
  • GIS integration gives options for users to determine where they are and easily select nearby assets to inspect, making the most of your time while already deployed.
  • Single-click integration for field personnel makes data transfer back to the AMS/CMMS seamless.
  • Operations staff will find work orders with inspection history, associated media and reports.

Supervisory and Engineering staff appreciate the details:

  • Emergency inspections that have no pre-existing work order are no longer lost. ITpipes tracks them and allows instant group creation of a work order to manage those urgent field deployments.
  • Users can see an overview or detailed inspection information directly inside the AMS/CMMS, without duplication of media.
  • Stringent data requirements are predefined so QA/QC of data is virtually eliminated during the automatic upload into the AMS/CMMS.
  • Track personnel and equipment deployment and bring the information from ITpipes direct into the AMS/CMMS.
  • Setup and formatting of inspection data are managed within ITpipes to match the AMS/CMMS requirements.
  • Archiving of inspection data and associated files can still be managed via ITpipes media management tools.

Modules for AMS/CMMS

Cityworks Integration ModuleIBMs Maximo Integration ModuleGBA Sewer Integration ModuleCleanFlow Integration Module

This module allows integration of collected inspection information into Cityworks Desktop or Anywhere. Features include assignment of specific work order types to coordinate with completed inspections, with GIS send ability to transfer work orders into inspections to be completed, with GIS select the ability to mass create work orders for inspections that were performed without work orders, reporting, and general upload of observation/inspection information into Cityworks.

This module provides simultaneous functionality for bi-directional integration from IBM’s Maximo to ITpipes and the ability to synchronize data from a mobile system to a master inspection database.

  • Mobile user connects through the network to Maximo.
  • The integration module displays open work orders assigned to the specific mobile unit.
  • The user selects to download and the work orders move into an ITpipes project with asset information. The user has the option to append these to an existing ITpipes project or move them into a new project.
  • Upon connection to the network with Maximo, any lines with completed inspections are automatically transferred up into Maximo and simultaneously merged into the ITpipes master database.

This module allows download of work orders between GBA and ITpipes. Benefits include scanning the list of open work orders. GBA’s tool also lets you import the ITpipes completed inspections up into GBA

This module brings your CleanFlow Profiler System (now RedZone) information into ITpipes and gives you the flexibility to provide your CleanFlow deliverables in an ITpipes project inspection database. Once the information is inside ITpipes, all information can be searched, sorted, grouped or filtered using ITpipes standard tools or the analysis module.


For detailed information on our AMMS and CMMS integration options and features, please request a login to our I.T. SolutionSite.  Contact us at 1-877-ITpipes or